The Dutch poet J.A. Deelder once said: “Within the limitations, there are as many possibilities as there are outside” . Finding those possibilities is what drives me.


For more than twenty years, I’m a specialist in dealing with the tax-exempt salaries of staff working for organisations of public international law; that pays off!

I can provide advice on your financials situation. You are unique. I give your individual situation my full attention. Appointments can be scheduled at your home if you wish. Call, email or Skype me!

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I live in the Betuwe, in the Marspolder on the Nederrijn (Lower Rhine). There, between the windmills, the pollard willows and the expanses of water, I became inspired by the pureness and simplicity of the Dutch landscape.

I try to recreate that pureness in my etchings. Are you interested in one of my works?

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